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Update this week

Guys, I’m so terribly sorry. I keep promising you updates and then I fail to update the site. I’ve had so much going on with work and what not, and next week I’ll be traveling (going back home), but updates will return to normal this month, and I WILL post an update this week and keep it up from now on. I mean it! 😀 I will order some new themes later this month too so we can get a new “fall” look for the site in September!

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Nikki Blonsky: “Amanda is doing well”

Blonsky — who will return to theaters this year alongside Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter in director Adam Rifkin’s upcoming drama “Dog Years” — told TooFab Zac Efron was “always late” to set, John Travolta remains her “guardian angel,” and Amanda [Bynes] is still a “great friend.”

Do you still talk to Amanda Bynes?
Yeah, she’s so cool. She’s such a great friend. Another beautiful relationship I got from the movie. She’s doing well. She’s getting ready to start acting. She was one of my favorite actors growing up, and I just can’t wait to see her on the screen again.


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So sorry guys

I will post an update asap! There’s always something, but I had to work more than expected this week. I’ll try to post an update tomorrow and continue to post something 2-3 days/week from now on!

Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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New Theme

Hey guys,

I added a new theme and I’m working on sorting everything out – such as the sidebar etc. I will leave this one up for a while and then order a new one later on this summer. I’ll be done with my summer class next week and I’ll have more time to focus on the site. I will post another update this week btw.

Thanks for your patience! 🙂