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Amanda Bynes has been ordered to enter a psychiatric facility after the judge in her conservatorship case met with her and the Bynes family, including her fiance, which is what sparked the end of her 3-week engagement.

Sources close to the situation tell us, secret court hearing was held last Thursday where all parties in the conservatorship case, including Amanda’s parents, went in front of the judge in the case. The hearing included Bynes’ fiance, a student named Paul Michael, who she met in AA.

But, after agreeing to enter the facility, Amanda is now refusing to go…and her family are weighing their options.

Amanda’s fiance was also present for the hearing, and details of their engagement and her current mental state were discussed during the session.

After hearing the details, the judge in the case ordered Amanda to be placed into a psychiatric facility. She was not taken straight from the courthouse, because Bynes agreed to enter the facility.

But, the actress was supposed to check herself into the live-in facility over the weekend, but never showed up. At this point, we’re told she is refusing to cooperate. It’s unclear what the next steps will be taken to ensure her getting the mental health treatment she needs.

Our sources say Amanda’s fiance “freaked out” after hearing and seeing details of the situation during the court hearing, and is “freaking out now” realizing how bad off she is, and how this may be a threat to his sobriety.

We’re told the couple’s break up was prompted by Paul not wanted to do anything that would get him in trouble with the judge or others in this case.

At this point, Paul is telling friends, he doesn’t want to be blamed for her current mental health being in such bad shape, or for it getting worse over time. After the court hearing, we’re told he realized many of the details of her life she was saying to him during their relationship was not really happening.

As for the next step, Amanda seems to be spiraling out of control and she needs to be hospitalized in the facility as soon as possible. But, her family is trying to convince her at this point to not go back on her word to the judge to enter the facility.

If she continues to refuse, other steps may be taken to ensure her safety.

Source: TheBlast.com

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