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Title: Easy A
Year: 2010
Role: Marianne

Title: Canned
Year: 2009
Role: Sarabeth

Title: Living Proof
Year: 2008
Role: Jamie

Title: Sydney White
Year: 2007
Role: Sydney White

Title: Hairspray
Year: 2007
Role: Penny Pingleton

Title: She’s the Man
Year: 2006
Role: Viola

Title: Love Wrecked
Year: 2005
Role: Jenny Taylor

Title: Robots
Year: 2005
Role: Piper (Voice)

Title: What A Girl Wants
Year: 2003
Role: Daphne Reynolds

Title: Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure
Year: 2003
Role: Nellie (Voice)

Title: Big Fat Liar
Year: 2002
Role: Kaylee

Title: Familien Griffin
Year: 2008
Role: Anna (Voice)
Episode: 6.12 Long John Peter

Title: What I Like About You
Year: 2002-2006
Role: Holly Tyler

Title: Rugrats
Year: 2001-2003
Role: Taffy (Voice)
Episodes: 9.04 Happy Taffy/Imagine That, 9.05 Bug Off/The Crawl Space, 9.07 Starstruck/Who’s Taffy?, 9.08 Bestest of Show/Hold the Pickles, 9.09 Diapies and Dragons/Baby Power, 9.11 Fountain of Youth/Kimi Takes the Cake, 9.10 They Came from the Backyard/Lil’s Phil of Trash

Title: All That
Year: 1996-2002
Role: Various

Title: The Amanda Show
Year: 1999-2002
Role: Host/Regular Performer/Penelope Taynt

Title: The Drew Carey Show
Year: 2001
Role: Various
Episodes: 7.01 Drew Carey’s Back-to-School Rock ‘n’ Roll Comedy Hour: Part 1, 7.02 Drew Carey’s Back-to-School Rock ‘n’ Roll Comedy Hour: Part 2

Title: The Nightmare Room
Year: 2001
Role: Danielle Warner
Episode: 1.01 Don’t Forget Me

Title: Arli$$
Year: 1999
Role: Crystal Dupree
Episode: 4.02 Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

Title: Cut And Style Barbie.
Year: 1995
Role: Unknown

Title: Nestle Bunch A Crunch
Year: 1993
Role: Uknown