Amanda: “It’s All Lies”

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is adamant that the truth about her bizarre behavior remains untold.

“It’s all lies,” she texted a Celebuzz reporter. “Don’t spread them.”

One thing that’s undeniably true: the 26-year-old has plenty of legal woes.

On Thursday, Bynes pleaded not guilty to two hit-and-run charges from incidents in April and August of this year. Her attorney Richard Hutton appeared at the Van Nuys, Calif. hearing on her behalf, as Bynes is currently in NYC.

And she’s certainly making her mark on the Big Apple: this week, the former child star was involved in a bizarre bathroom incident in SoHo.


Amanda: Locks Herself In Bakery Bathroom

Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior at a Big Apple bakery on Wednesday night.

Multiple sources tell Celebuzz exclusively that the 26-year-old spent two hours at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Soho on Sept. 26. The problem: she spent more than 30 of those minutes locked in the store’s bathroom.

What exactly went on during her bakery debacle?

According to one eyewitness, Bynes wore headphones and sunglasses throughout her visit to the store, which began at approximately 9 p.m. She purchased a ‘Dreaming Princess’ cupcake and cappuccino — with extra sugar.

She then took her bathroom break, which was so long that one of the bakery’s patrons — coincidentally, a New York City firefighter — became concerned.

“He knocked on the bathroom door numerous times and called for her,” says the source, noting that the firefighter feared Bynes may have been unconscious. “The workers at the bakery even turned down the music to see if they could hear any noise coming from the bathroom.”

Eventually, staffers closed the entire shop to focus on the Bynes emergency.


Dina Lohan Offers Hope To Amanda’s Family

She’s well-acquainted with family drama and Dina Lohan recently reached out to Amanda Bynes’ parents in light of recent events.

According to a report, the “Living Lohan” star denied the similarities between her daughter and the “She’s the Man” actress; however she still had some wise words to share.

Dina began, “You know, I’m a mother, and I feel that that’s for her mother to speak about, and not me, because people have spoken for my child and myself. I really feel that’s for her parents to discuss and Amanda herself.”

“Just be around. It’s hard when your daughter’s not, you know, over 18, and you want to let them go and they want to feel like they’re in control of themselves. So it’s a very strategic place for a parent to be, but she’ll be ok.”