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Welcome to Amanda-Bynes.netAmanda Bynes Source, a fansite dedicated to the talented actress, musician, designer and model, Amanda Laura Bynes. Here you will be provided with the latest news, images, media and much more. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Amanda Laura Bynes is an actress, musician, designer and model who was born on April 3rd, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California. She is best known for her role in the TV show "What I Like About You", were she plays a girl named Holly Tyler. You may also know her from other movies such as "What A Girl Wants" and "She's The Man". She has also created her own fashion line, "Dear". Read More?

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Title: What I Like About You
Year: 2002-2006
Role: Holly Tyler

When Holly's father is transferred to Japan, she is sent to live with Valerie, her big sister, in New York City, and turns Valerie's life upside-down.

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“As I get older, I don't settle. I'd rather tell somebody:
This is what I want, take it or leave it.”

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Is there a Hollywood Quitters Epidemic?

Jul 16, 2010
Posted by: Vera      Posted in: Articles & Reviews      Replies: 2

I know… there’s NO news regarding Amanda, but I will try to update with tweets, or blog posts, etc… This site cannot die…. :/

Amanda Bynes, Drew Barrymore, Emma Watson and more are taking breaks from the biz! But why?

What the heck is happening in Hollywood these days? Some of the biggest names in the biz are taking a break (some extended, some permanent) from their thriving acting careers. Just who is officially sick of having the acting bug and what are their reasons for being quitters? Read on, BFFs!

Emma Watson

The 20-year-old Harry Potter starlet is planning on taking a three-year break to graduate from college; she’s currently a sophomore at Brown University in Providence, RI. “I want to forget about hair and makeup,” Emma told UK paper The Times. “Sometimes on a publicity tour I can’t remember what time it is, what country I’m in. Now it’s coming to an end I’m trying to hold on to it. So I have a book, and everyone I’ve met has a page. I want to remember them and not just be left with the media version of what happened to me.”

Alec Baldwin

The 30 Rock star has threatened to quit acting for good when his contract with NBC expires in 2012. “I don’t have any interest in acting anymore,” the 52-year-old Emmy winner said in the December issue of Men’s Journal. “Movies are a part of my past. It’s been 30 years. I’m not young, but I have time to do something else.”

Sandra Bullock

Sandy has definitely had a tumultuous year! She won an Oscar, secretly adopted son Louis Bardo Bullock and divorced husband Jesse James after learning about his multiple affairs. But now the single mom plans on taking time out to enjoy what she loves the most – her newborn son. “All I know is that I want to be able to enjoy being a mom. Doing all the things moms get to do, outside in the sun, in the world,” the 45-year-old actress told People magazine. “The career will have to wait for a bit. I don’t want to step into that world until I can find out what room I left my armor in. You need tough skin to be in this business. I don’t have tough skin right now and I don’t want it”, she said about her future plans.”

Amanda Bynes

Amanda announced via Twitter that she plans on retiring from acting – at the ripe old age of 24! “I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve #retired,” the actress posted June 19. Too bad – we loved What A Girl Wants!

Drew Barrymore

Drew has fallen in love with Justin Long and directed her first film, Whip It!, in recent years, and now she’s ready for a break and wants to recharge her batteries. “For three years straight, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and as of last December, I just didn’t have anything left,” the 35-year-old Going the Distance star says in the August issue of Elle. Now, Drew is done being “so aggressive about living life to the fullest and being plugged into everything” and has “ripped the plug out of the wall and put it on the floor for a while.”


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